We understand that businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and what works for one company might not work for another. Whether you just start out (seed-stage), expected to grow (startups), or a large-scale corporate, we've got a service package just for you.



animation library


choose a style template


uniquely made

First 60 sec (basic price) $ 600 Rp 8,000K $ 900 Rp 12,000K $ 1,500 Rp 20,000K
Creative Concept
Free Royalty Music
Professional Scriptwriting
Motion Graphic
Rich Animation
Voiceover Included (1 language)
Animatic Storyboard
Style Frames
Character Customization
Unique Visual Style
1080p Full-HD Output
Raw File (AVI Uncompressed)
Revision Alowed Each Phase Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Add-ons (optional)

Extend Jelasin's services and make your videos more attractive with these add-ons

Unique Style Template N/AN/A $ 400Rp 5,200K N/AN/A
No Voice Over $ -75Rp -975K $ -75Rp -975K $ -75Rp -975K
Voice Talent Audition (5 talent) $ 50Rp 650K $ 50Rp 650K $ 50Rp 650K
Full HD 1080p conversion $ 125Rp 1,625K $ 125Rp 1,625K IncludedIncluded
Duration Extension (+ 30 sec) $ 125Rp 1,625K $ 200Rp 2,600K $ 400Rp 5,200K
Translated Version (VO included) $ 125Rp 1,625K $ 200Rp 2,600K $ 400Rp 5,200K
Short Versioning (30 sec/15 sec) $ 175Rp 2,275K $ 280Rp 3,640K $ 560Rp 7,280K

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